Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RM3,000 fine for Muslims caught not fasting

When You Force Religion Down The Throats Of People, When You use Religion to tresspass a person's privacy & civil liberty, You Are Insulting The Religion Right Down The Gutter!

MUSLIMS in Pahang may not have much money left to spend for Hari Raya Aidilfitri if they are caught not fasting during the coming Ramadan.

The Pahang Religious Affairs Department plans to impose the maximum fine of RM3,000 on those who show disrespect to the religion by not fasting, reported Kosmo!

Its enforcement chief Raffli Abdul Malek said under Section 170 of the Pahang Islamic Administration and Malay Tradition Enactment, those caught not fasting during the holy month could be fined a maximum of RM3,000 or be jailed not more than two years or both.

Raffli said previously, offenders were only fined up to RM500 for the offence. “We will also impose harsher sentences against traders who sell food to Muslims who are not fasting,” he said.

Raffli said last year, 70 Muslims were caught not fasting during Ramadan and the department would beef up checks and surveillance, including at non-Muslim restaurants, empty houses, bushes and in plantations which were known to be favourite haunts among those who do not fast.

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