Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dato' A.Samad Said: BERSIH Is For Malaysia's Future

by Dajmarizal Zolkipli

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 JUNE, 2011: National laureate Datuk A Samad Said gave his statement on his involvement in Bersih 2.0 today.

Samad arrived with Bersih chairperson, Datuk Ambiga who was also called on by the police to record her statement.Samad and Ambiga were charged under the 27(5) Police Act and 4(1) Sedition Act for their involvement during the launching of Bersih on 19 June.Samad was charged for reciting a poem titled 'Unggun Bersih'.

Met outside the police station here in Dang Wangi, Ambiga and Samad said that the police have taken their statement and will do their investigation for further action.Samad said that his involvement in Bersih is strictly on the basis that he wants to end corruption and misled practises that has "blossomed in Malaysia nowadays"."

This is all for the betterment of the country and nothing is political about it", said Samad.Samad also vowed to take to the streets on the Bersih 2.0 rally that's scheduled for July 9."I just can't sit and wait for justice to come knocking at my door.

If I am afraid of all the dangers and threat that I might encounter during the rally, then I will be forever trapped in the unjust system that clearly oppresses the people of this country.Samad also said that those who are protesting against the rally should understand that Bersih is fighting for their rights too."They must understand that Bersih is also for them.

They must understand the demands that Bersih carry."According to N Surendran, this is a first time a national laureate were called and investigated for reciting a poem."I can't recall in instance for an action were taken for reciting a poem", he said."You just cannot interrogate arts", he added.N Surendren and Fadiah Nadwa who was represented Samad were also be called to give statement to the police tomorrow.

When commenting on that matter, Fadiah said that the call for them to gives statements by the police is a form of intimidation as they were present today under the capacity of representing their client Samad.When asked about the issue of PSM and the alleged of waging war on King, Ambiga ridiculed the action to detained the 34 activists in Penang and labelling it as 'very confusing'."The goverment is trapped in a time warp.

No one is flagging for a communist movement here, it is an absolute nonsense",she said."Instead of threatening the people with those kind of arrests, the government should engage themselves with us", she added.Ambiga also revealed that all the funds for Bersih comes from donations from individuals and NGO's that participate with the mass rally."We will come up with the information of all our funds so there will be no more doubts about it," she said.Ambiga repeated her vows to held Bersih 2.0 as planned despite recent developments.

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