Friday, March 18, 2011

Germany to speed up nuclear energy exit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced a "measured exit" from nuclear power in response to the crisis affecting four reactors in Japan.

Defending the temporary closure of Germany's seven oldest reactors, she said the Japanese disaster meant it could no longer be "business as usual".

Mrs Merkel told parliament that the goal was "to reach the age of renewable energy as soon as possible".

She urged Germans to show the Japanese people they were not alone. She said the two countries had 150 years of diplomatic relations and called on Germans to donate money. "This is help between friends," she said.

Europe's nuclear response
announces stress tests on all facilities

Germany closes seven reactors temporarily

Switzerland suspends approval process for three new plants

Non-nuclear Italy "reflecting" on plans to build first reactors (Four reactors shut down after Chernobyl in 1987)

France, world's most nuclear dependent state, orders tests on 58 reactors

Bulgaria considers freeze on nuclear project near seismic fault line

UK commissions report on lessons of Japan disaster

Romania proceeds with plans for two more reactors

Poland going ahead with plans for first reactor

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