Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pahang Islamic Department Playing With Fire!

Sir Elton John is a British Aristocrat who is highly respected and loved by the British and world over. The Malaysian Islamic Authorities touching on his sexuality is a complete disrespect to England & British Laws. We as a Commonwealth country shouldn't be playing with fire!

PEKAN: Pahang will follow Malacca's move to amend its Islamic enactment against homosexual-related activities.

State mufti Datuk Abdul Rahman Osman said there was a need to have a specific provision in the state Islamic regulations concern-ing syariah-related crimes and homosexual activities.
“Islam prohibits deviant sexual orientation or behaviour. “Appropriate action should be taken to address these problems.

“We fear that this abnormal behaviour will be regarded as a norm,” he said here yesterday.
Abdul Rahman said the present provisions in Pahang syariah laws were insufficient in tackling deviant sexual behaviour and a specific legal provision was needed to spell out the crimes, the form of enforcement and punishment.

“We hope the proposed amendments can be tabled in the next state assembly sitting,” he added.
It was reported earlier that the Malacca syariah court will bring homosexuals and lesbians to trial once the state amends and gazettes its Islamic enactments.

Abdul Rahman said syariah crimes now came under the purview of the Islamic Religious Administration and Pahang Malay Tradition Enactment 1982.

“It is high time that laws involving Islamic administration and crimes are separated in view of the current trend in syariah crimes relating to homosexual activities,” he added.

On the Seksualiti Merdeka festival which had been cancelled, Abdul Rahman said it was wrong for the organisers to hold such events.

He also advised Muslims not to attend Elton John's concert, which he said was about supporting the singer's homosexual lifestyle.

He added the singer was married to a male which was clearly against normal bahaviour.
“Muslims who go to the concert may be deemed as supporting him and his lifestyle, which is contrary to Islam.”

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