Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Dear Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad,

While you may think that you are absolutely right and flawless at all times coupled with perfect morality in your 23 years of leadership, i shall not comment on this but really what is the use of such a tribunal given the fact of time lapse and practicality? Have you stopped for a moment to think who are our biggest investors? Yes, The Americans & The Europeans. Do we need their investments? Yes Off course! Do you see the damage that the tribunal may cause in terms of our business and bilateral ties with these countries?

Talking about International Laws, The Rule Of Law & Universal Principles laid down clearly by The UN, Malaysia is definately guilt in many ways but off course we use Religion as our Bailout from being questioned or convicted. But i find it rather Appalling that we who believe that we aren’t a third world nation but find it rather difficult to uphold Human Rights & Civil Liberties in it’s totality, we conveniently brush it aside as “International Culture” or better still, a Threat to Religion!

Little do we realize that ultra conservative and religious countries like India have managed to uphold Human Rights & Civil Liberties in totality. Yes, there is more democarcy in India and Myanmar is begining to work towards this direction. The Indian Courts are fully Independent and “People Power” is very much alive, The Laws remain independent without giving space to any religion or politics. In a nutshell, there is seperation of powers in totality. This is International Law in it’s fullest which upholds the Rule Of Law and they don’t find it a threat to their religions, culture and governance and they do not brush it aside as “International Culture”.

At the end of the day, The Law must provide equality and protection to ALL irrespective of religion, culture, colour, creed, social class, political parties and sexuality. Every Humanbeing must be treated with equal respect and not fall into the hands of uniformed forces or religious authorities just because they are different or not in norm with society. In many cases, the conduct of the uniformed forces and religious authorities lack religion in itself, brutal and disgusting and it conveniently doesn’t get media coverage. Why do we use our uniformed forces against our own citizens who have voting rights? Did their opinions, religion or lifestyle stand as a huge threat to society? Aren’t they born with human rights and civil liberties? Did they cause bodily harm to anyone? So why do We Moral Police those who vote for us? Where’s The Logic? A government’s business is to manage the country’s finances, bring in revenue and develop the country. Not to be a Parental Government!

So who are we to judge Former President Bush & Former PM Tony Blair when we ourselves aren’t all that perfect? Infact we tend to be a laughing stock in the international arena.

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