Thursday, October 27, 2011

PAS a Fatal Liability to Malaysia's Opposition Front

PAS has said it very plainly - it will implement hudud laws if it is allowed to do so. I respect that stand even though I'm opposed to this. They are being honest.

This is a clear show of former PM Dr Mohamad Mahathir's cunningness in leading the Pakatan Rakyat leaders to a trap, and they fell for it.

Some people may condemn Mahathir for this, but I think he did us a favour to expose this beast hidden in the PAS agenda just waiting to be let loose.

Nik Aziz, and even the supposedly savvy Anwar Ibrahim, all fell for it. Good! Now I demand Pakatan to have a good answer on this issue before the next GE.

I thought my vote was already firmly in Pakatan's hands after all the PAS ‘welfare state' comments, but now, I will reassess my position based on their response.

Nothing is more sacred to me than my rights as a non-Muslim and perhaps even to my Muslim brethren, who don't want to be governed by hudud.

I hate corruption and lies, but I despise the thought of living a life governed by barbaric punishments, and the denial of fundamentals of self-expression and personal freedom.

"Back home, I don't even want to get into the ridiculous debate going on about hudud. Despite all the wishful thinking of some of our politicians, it is not going to happen. And it should not happen. And certainly not by force as some delusional so-called ulamas have claimed, without seemingly realising that not only is a system imposed by force ever likely to succeed, but it is in fact unIslamic.

Among the best arguments against hudud is by the Islamic Renaissance Front and by Art Harun. And for a view on how hudud will affect women, do go to the Recommended Readings section of the SIS website.

And then there was HIMPUN. I have no problem with their right to speak out and to gather peacefully. But I don't have to agree with them. And it seems that the 995,000 Muslims who didn't turn up at the gathering also didn't agree with them. Or at least couldn't be bothered to get off their butts to.

Not to be cowed by the underwhelming numbers though, HIMPUN leaders, perhaps bolstered by our PM praising them for not being like Bersih 2.0 ( you know, larger numbers, more multi-ethnic and multi-religious, more focussed, also peaceful if it weren't for the teargas and water cannons fired at them), insisted that the Government has to implement their 10-point demands which include an Anti-Apostasy Law. So we'll see la if our dear leaders will accede to a 5000-strong crowd's 10-point demands instead of the at least 30,000-strong rally's 8-point demands, some of which they are already implementing".

-Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir!/2011/10/driving-out-darkness.html

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