Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elton John's Show has nothing to do with his sexuality

If You are Gay, You should be Proud of yourself and live your life. Your Life belongs To You Alone. Bigots who have an issue with this should just grow up or live in a cave!

PETALING JAYA: Music should be viewed as strictly entertainment and must be separated from religious and cultural beliefs.

This was the sentiment of several people The Malay Mail spoke to in response to the upcoming concert by Elton John in Malaysia.

For the first time in his four-decade career, the 64-year-old will be here to perform at Genting Highlands on Nov 22.

It was reported earlier this week that Pahang Pas Youth protested against the concert because of the English singer-songwriter's homosexual status.

Its chairman, Shahril Azman Abdul Halim, said in a statement on Monday Elton John's performance here could negatively influence the young.

Shahril said the image the singer portrayed was not suitable for Malaysian culture. Creative director Adric Chong, 38, said Elton John's music had nothing to do with his sexuality.

"He's got some nice songs and Malaysians should respect his sexual preference. I don't believe his songs would influence Malaysians badly," he said.

Chong's sentiment was echoed by Charles Joong, 41, of Puchong, who also questioned why Pas Youth was making an issue of it.

"Another openly gay singer, Adam Lambert, had performed in Malaysia before but there was no controversy or protest," he said.

Executive, Aaron Leong said Elton John's sexual preference had got nothing to do with his show.
"Malaysians should not be too conservative. His music and sexual preference are two different things. Let's be supportive and just enjoy his performance here," said the 23-year-old who works with an oil and gas company.

A father of one, who only wished to be identified as Dev, said there was nothing wrong with Elton John having a concert here.

"Malaysians should learn to be more open and accepting to the existence of the third gender here," said Dev, whose favourite Elton John song is Sacrifice.

However, Puteri Nadia Megat Hamdan, 25, of Shah Alam, was against the concert. She felt it would attract more gays in Malaysia to declare their sexuality in public. (Stupid Bitch!)

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