Thursday, August 18, 2011

Malaysia During The 50s To 70s

Malaysia Then was so Open & United. All races including the Malays sat together and drank together & I mean real drinking! Even The Tunku Drank In Public and There wasn't any sort of Moral or Religious Policing to Interefere in anybody's lives. The Muslims were given the freedon of choice and lifestyle. Many Malays lived their lives attending Missionary Schools and walking in Christian Fellowships for the fun of it, joinning the singing, yet never converted to Christianity unlike some bigots who fear this today.

Malaysia then was truely One Malaysia, every Malaysian mixed at everyone's home and religious grounds, there exsisted no boundaries, It was Truely A Blessed & United Country then until UMNO created the "Divide & Rule" Game & worked very hard to divide the races while programming the Malays. What we see today in Malaysia is the end result of UMNO.

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