Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bishop Dr.Paul Tan: JAIS Must Apologize

PETALING JAYA: Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan criticised PAS Youth chief Nasruddin Hassan for supporting the Aug 3 raid on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC).

He described Nasruddin’s opinion, that there was an attempt to proselytise Muslims at the social gathering, as a “rash rush to judgment”.

“The proper thing now is for him (Nasruddin) to provide evidence that has brought him to the judgment there was indeed proselytisation, so that Christians can take the necessary corrective and contrite action,” he said.

Bishop Tan, who heads the Johor-Malacca Catholic archdiocese, noted that there was a tacit social understanding that Christians do not proselytise among Muslims.

He also said Jais should also issue an apology over the raid as there was no alleged attempt to convert Muslims at the gathering.

He expressed concern that Christians would continue to be the target of certain quarters if the matter was not resolved.

Harapan Komuniti, the non-profit NGO responsible for the gathering, said that they had no ties with DUMC and the hall there was merely used as a venue as it was offered for free.

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