Friday, July 29, 2011

A Royal Romance by Hallmark: Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge

A new film about the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton is about to hit TV screens.

Hallmark's William And Catherine: A Royal Romance is due out in the US next month with Dan Amboyer as Prince William and fellow American Alice St Clair playing Kate.

Amboyer is hugely impressed with Linda Yellen, the director and writer. "She has really put so much effort in making this an incredible story, and shows a lot of things maybe you don't know about them that are the truth and fact.

"And we are not afraid to explore the real side of the relationship and the challenges." St Clair seems equally enthralled.

"Diana features in the film. So, I don't know if people know that, but there is just really a great sense of relationships within the family.

"So there is William's relationship with his father and his brother and you see him calling upon Diana's interview, and watching this interview that Diana did and using her words to kind of guide him through his troubled moments that he goes through.

"And, so, that whole aspect of it is really exciting." Surprisingly, perhaps, the film has Americans in all the starring roles even though the real-life characters are as British as they can be.

Veteran actor Victor Garber takes on the role of Prince Charles with Jean Smart playing his consort, the Duchess of Cornwall, while Jane Alexander is the Queen.

Amboyer said he was pleased to land the part in the face of competition from people with genuine British accents. "I will say, those Brits were at my final callback for this part, so I beat those Brits," he said.

"Exactly," agreed his co-star. "Towards the end, when I was having, I guess, a chemistry audition, all the other boys were British that I auditioned with. And one American got the part."

It is not known whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will get the chance to see the film. The first biopic about their relationship - William and Kate - was widely panned by the critics.

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