Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Religion Used As A Tool To Violate Human Rights & Civil Liberties

It is rather disgusting and frustrating to hear such learned people like the one below as well as the education ministry speaking on this subject matter based on their culture, religion and upbringing. Their findings are always tainted or tampered by their culture, religion and upbringing. They should lift their arses and work with foreign experts in the West in order to give themselves exposure and education without allowing their culture, religion and upbringing to tamper their research while violating and discriminating people's sexuality. The world is fast evolving but Malaysia always gets pulled back by culture and religion, even more disgusting when religion is used to violate civil liberties and human rights.

A psychologist said some parents could unknowingly make their sons acquire feminine qualities by dressing them up in "girlie" clothes at a young age, make them do housework without explaining the role of both genders in the society or due to the father being too strict.Siti Aminah Omar, a lecturer in psychology at Universiti Teknologi Mara, said most children followed the wants and needs of their parents.

"Sometimes, a mother really wants a daughter but instead, she gives birth to a son. She then dresses him up like a girl and he grows up feeling more comfortable with his feminine side." She said the mother's action would indirectly alter her son's personality.Another reason is that many working mothers would ask their sons to do household chores, such as cleaning and cooking. (Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!)

"Nothing is wrong with that. But the mothers often fail to explain to their sons that even though cleaning and cooking are traditionally done by women, men can also do them in order to become more independent." She said boys doing household chores without properly understanding the roles played by the two genders would grow up thinking that it was normal to be female-like.She was commenting on a news report that the Terengganu Education Department had sent 66 schoolboys with effeminate tendencies to a camp to help them address the problem.

Siti Aminah said in some families, the mothers were the ones who nurtured the children. "The father is very strict and has a no-nonsense attitude. As the children reach their teenage years, they do not communicate with their father."She said this group of young children would tend to have more feminine tendencies as "they feel more secure" in being reminded of their mothers.

She urged fathers to spend more time with their 13- to 16-year-old sons as "this is the time they are most confused about their identity".She said most boys with feminine qualities tend to form their own support group to enable them to express themselves. She said this problem had existed for a long time but that the boys were now becoming even bolder."Once they start sharing their problems, they will begin to think it is the norm."She hoped that school administrators would identify such groups so as to provide them with counselling and help them deal with their emotions.

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