Friday, April 8, 2011

Singaporian Guy In Army Skirt

All Roman soldiers wore skirts. Even the Scotts Do! And so does the English Royal Men! It's rich history for many & It's Fashion for some & World's Reknown Fashion Designer Zang Toi has designed many skirts for men. I see nothing wrong with it, it's fashion and fashion, just like the arts, has no boundaries!

(Yahoo News) Move over, army maid. Now photos of a man wearing a camouflage skirt in public in Singapore is generating buzz online. The photo, originally uploaded on STOMP, surfaced barely a week after pictures of a maid carrying an full-time national serviceman's (NSF's) backpack sparked an online debate about Singapore's youth being too "soft".

The eyewitness, who gave his name as Norman, took the photo. He said, "I saw him at Parkway Parade shopping centre, calmly waiting in line at a money changer, despite the stares he was getting from people around him." "The skirt was in the style of a Scotsman's kilt, and had three of the original-style pockets on it, one at the side and two in the front.

It looked quite professionally-made." Describing the man as appearing to be in his mid-forties, he added that the skirt looked like it was made from an old Army No. 4 uniform, and even had button-on pockets sewn onto it. While some netizens have labelled him a 'softie', others think we need to lighten up. Insurance agent Tan Li Peng, 26, told Yahoo! Singapore, "First we have maids carrying our army backpacks, now men are donning 'army skirts'.

I feel embarrassed as a Singaporean guy." 23-year-old undergraduate Royston Lin added, "It's strange to see a man walking around in a skirt in public. But I guess that's in the context of Singapore's social norms. In Scotland it would be perfectly acceptable. Perhaps he should be mindful of the culture he's in."

Others like 21-year-old student Nuraliza H. said, "I think we need to lighten up. He's just experimenting and having fun. After all, I've seen male runway models wearing kilts too." Fashion-forward, or plain bizarre? You be the judge.

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Anonymous said...

People who holler about "social norms" were the same ones who fought women wearing pants. It's all over the world's newspaper archives. If pants styles are not a sex difference to women, but skirt styles are a sex difference that men should not wear them, that makes women hermaphrodites, so that they just can't "cross-dress." If that explanation is bad, try this one---no one raves about sex typing garments except when men want choices rather than a dreary standardized uniform, because the agenda to stop women having choices was abandoned due to World War 2 factory work putting 26 million women into pants for the first time ever. They had to wear skirts or dresses to and from work and change into pants in the war factories, because the public was offended at seeing women in pants. Men always wore skirts until horseback riding slowly---and over many centuries---induced them to switch almost entirely to pants. Choice is human---not "female."