Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terengganu's Education Department Lies Again!

Razali Daud is turning the people around by his lies and deceit. He was very clear when he said that the camp was to correct effeminate boys. Now, if one chooses that he or she is not into sports (just as i did back in my school days), isn't that a democratic right?

I may have my reasons or lack of interest in sports, so what? Can't i choose Music Club or other school Clubs? I was actively involve in my school band back in my Primary School Days and i even played at a function for Kementerian Pendidikan located behind Bank Negara. I hated sports, so what?

KUALA TERENGGANU: The state Education Department will continue its student “personality development programme” despite criticism from various quarters. Its director Razali Daud said the programme was aimed at boosting the self-confidence of students who are inactive in co-curricular and sports activities, but it had been misconstrued as a boot camp for effeminate boys.
“We chose the students based on their lack of participation in sports and co-curricular activities and not based on effeminacy,” he told The Star yesterday.

This explanation contradicted his comments last week that the “programme was designed to prevent the boys from developing feminine traits which could hamper their future”. The first programme involving 57 secondary students was held in Besut last week.

Razali admitted he was disappointed that the media, especially the foreign press, had twisted an honourable programme into something negative and discriminatory. “The students had fun while developing self-confidence and team work,” he said. “There was no brainwashing going on as claimed by certain quarters,” he said.

It was reported last week that the department had organised a boot camp for 57 effeminate boys. The move was criticised by social activists, psychologists and even Women and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.


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