Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dato' Seri Sulaiman Rahman Taib

I really hope it's one deserves such a traumatic disease! But with today's medical advancement, a cure may be just around the corner.

It has been widespread gossip in Sarawak for well over a year. Now close family members have confirmed to Sarawak Report that the Chief Minister’s younger son, Rahman Sulaiman, is suffering from the disease AIDS.

Like all right-minded people we sympathise with him and his family. No decent person these days would regard this widespread affliction as a stigma and many people from all walks of life are fighting the condition.

Indeed, the good news is that at last modern science is getting on top of the virus and, given the right treatment, sufferers can lead a normal life without fear of an early death. However, this is clearly why Rahman Sulaiman has taken the decision to leave Sarawak and base himself in Britain, where we photographed him arriving at one of the Taib residences last year.

Family members have told us that Sulaiman tends to get depressed and “pessimistic” about his condition, but, in fact with this modern treatment he is clearly staying extremely healthy and well. Our recent expose of his Facebook pages shows just what a lively time he is having travelling around the world’s ski resorts. He has declared himself completely fit and has complained about the criticism of him not being available to do his job as an elected representative of Parliament.

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