Thursday, March 17, 2011

'Allah' Belongs To All Abrahamic Religions

All Abrahamic Religions Belong To The One 'Allah' and who are you to Question this when your religion was the very last Abrahamic Religion?! Judaism, Zionism and Christianity came way before Prophet Muhammad existed! Are You Teaching Your Grandmother to Suck Eggs?!!!

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Ulama Association has no objection to the use of Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia except for the use of the word Allah.

Its president Datuk Sheikh Abdul Halim Abdul Kadir said that everyone should be allowed to read and worship in the language that they understand, including the national language and supported the Government’s decision to release the 35,000 copies of the Bible imported from Indonesia which were impounded at Port Klang and Kuching Port.

However, he said the association was of the opinion that the word Allah should be exclusive for Muslims. “Even the Quran has been translated into many languages such as Chinese. Likewise, every person has the right to use Bahasa Malaysia,” Sheikh Abdul Halim said.

He, however, disagreed in the translation of the word ‘god’ to Allah in Bahasa Malaysia. “A name remains a name. Allah is a special name for the god that the Muslim worship – it cannot be recklessly translated,” he said.

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