Friday, February 11, 2011

Feudalistic Governance Intruding Civil Liberties

I woke up this morning to such idiotic news on the radio! We have a self righteous minister of Islamic affairs who has given the green light to JAKIM to Spy and Arrest Muslim couples who are seen dating on Valentine's day! Is this the reason we vote for a government? We Vote them but they Moral Police us, just imagine, politicians moral policing us and worse still giving the green light and power to Islamic departments to carry out raids and arrest citizens for the lifestyles that they have chosen! This is a total disregard to civil liberties, human rights and privacy! What sort of government is this?! Not to long ago, the cabinet which included Dato'Seri Rais Yatim made it very clear that Moral Policing is not the business of the government, it's a family matter. So has the government changed her stand?! I say thumbs down to BN!
PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) is launching an anti-Valentine’s Day campaign Friday.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom said the campaign would be launched during a forum, "Awas - Jerat Valentine's Day" (beware of Valentine's Day trap) in Putrajaya Friday night. (Act of a Bigot!)

Apart from members of the public, Jakim has also invited 1,000 students from higher learning institutes to participate in the discourse. (Hired As Spy Dogs to BREAK INTO People's Privacy!)

Jamil said the National Fatwa Council had, in 2005 (Since 1957 to 2004, it wasn't 'Haram') decreed that Muslims should refrain from celebrating Valentine's Day, as it was not part of Islamic practices.

On PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi's offer to work closely with religious authorities to check sinful activities at favourite lovers' spots around the country on Valentine's Day, Jamil said it was not advisable for them to do so. (You mean all you self righteous men are Sin Free?!)

"Their (PAS Youth's) presence may cause unnecessary tension. "They should leave it to the relevant authorities to carry out their duties," he said.

Nasrudin had said that the wing was prepared to assist religious authorities to promote healthy sin-free lifestyle. (Wake Up! This is the real world for God's sake!)

Meanwhile, Jakim will also provide anti-Valentine's Day flyers and stickers to be distributed in campuses in the run up to the celebration on Feb 14.

Jakim public relations officer Asiah Alkharib Shah said the awareness campaign would be extended to all the states.

"We will be giving piles of flyers and stickers to raise awareness on the Valentine's Day trap to the university students attending the discourse.

"We want the students to pass the flyers to their friends and university mates in campuses," she added.