Monday, February 20, 2012

Whitney Houston: I'm Going To Jesus!

Whitney Laid To Rest;

Pop icon Whitney Houston reportedly quoted scripture and spoke hauntingly of the afterlife shortly before her untimely death in a hotel bathtub. The superstar told friends she “really wanted to see Jesus” and claimed she had a feeling the end was near, unnamed sources told

WHITNEY Houston eerily told pals she felt her "time was coming" and spoke of "seeing Jesus" in the hours before her death, it emerged last night. The tragic star is said to have become increasingly spiritual — quoting Bible passages and saying she felt her end was near.

Last Friday — the day before she was found slumped in the bath of her Los Angeles hotel suite — she told one friend: "I'm gonna go see Jesus. I want to see Jesus."

And on Saturday, with her death hours away, she reportedly said: "You know, he's so cool. I really want to see that Jesus."

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