Friday, December 9, 2011

JMM & Fellow Cohorts Are Blatantly Stupid!

I find it rather idiotic that this group together with other groups have joined them in a protest against homosexuality, they use Religion as their passport for their campaign, failing to realize that the National Association of Religions have been firmed on their stand that everyone should have a voice and civil rights including LGBTs (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgenders). This very small group of NGOs have nothing else better to do and time and time again they play the Religious Card. Are they perfect sinless mortals to begin with?!

Do they have any knowledge in this subject matter? Clearly, their protest is based on their ignorance. They fail to realize that a huge population of LGBTs are highly educated Malaysians who are significantly serving this country and contributing to the economy while paying their taxes promptly. These are Malaysians with full voting rights and have the right to be heard & respected. The Rule Of Law is meant to be independent and free from the interference of Culture, Race, Religion & Political Powers.

These NGOs fail to realize that Malaysia lives in the Globe Of Universal Values and Malaysia Sits In The United Nations Council. Human Rights & Civil Liberties for every individual must be granted irrespective of race, colour, creed, religion, political ideologies and sexuality. Obviously, JMM & Cohorts are those living in their cocoons, they no nothing except their own mindset.

These are a bunch of bigots who don't seem to understand matters of privacy, civil liberties and human rights simply because they are very much third world in their mindset!

By Nutgraph,

I am a straight man and cannot see myself not being one for the foreseeable future. But why should I see gay men as a threat? Well, if gay men love each other, the genuinely straight men don’t have to face artificial competition in the love market. Neither would I see lesbians as a threat. I would definitely not want to fall in love with a pretty girl only to find her having a crush on another woman. That won’t do my male pride any good. Further, if I have a daughter, I definitely don’t want her to marry a “secretly” gay man and spend her life correcting him. If I have a gay son, I won’t want him ruining someone’s daughter’s life either. I would just want him to be happy. To me, in that sense, being gay-friendly is the best protection for the institutions of marriage and family, which I do subscribe to. -The Nutgraph

KUALA LUMPUR Five non-governmental organisations from Bangsar here held a peaceful demonstration against homosexuality yesterday.

The demonstration saw the participation of some 100 supporters, comprising members of Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM), Lembah Pantai 4B Youth Movement, Hindu Youth Organisation, Young Malaysians Movement, Federation of Peninsula Malay Students and parent-teacher associations from several schools in the area. Demonstrators stood along Jalan Kerinchi, near here, chanting and holding banners opposing sexual immorality and perversion.

JMM president Azwanddin Hamzah said this was the ninth demonstration held so far and more supporters were joining them in their cause. "Parents have come forward urging us to continue spreading awareness on the dangers of allowing this lifestyle to gain acceptance in our society, as they are worried about its effects on their children." He said this was not a political issue, but an issue of belief as most religions in Malaysia discouraged homosexuality. "We will continue to hold these demonstrations across Selangor to educate Malaysians." The participants later spread their message by handing out 10,000 pamphlets to residents in nearby housing areas.

Groups protest against homosexual lifestyle - General - New Straits Times

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