Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dr.Mahathir Mohamad's Style Of Leadership Is Outdated Today

Dear Tun.Dr.Mahathir Mohamad,


You are making me roll on the floor laughing! How timely for such an article isn’t it? Hahahahaha! You may be right about the past but really are you aware that world today has changed? We shouldn’t be Zimbabwe-Centric, We should think as a developed nation, afterall 2020 is not really far away.

It’s time overdue that we think as One Family, after 54 years of Independence is it right and logical to play the racial card? We should end this divide and rule system and uphold Nationality based on Mutual Love, Repect & Equality. Only then will the true essence of Patriotism be born in the purest meaning of the word.

You cannot deny, that my generation who grew up under your leadership are of a very different kind, most of use are graduates with reasonable exposure and we hardly practise the culture and doctrines of our grandparents. You can see a great level of unity among Malaysians of my generation except in the rural states where it’s a dominant race.

You should be a Grandfather of Love To All Of Us instead of seperating us and harping so violently on the racial card and religion. At the end of the day, a civilized society would certainly know that race and religion are matters and choices of one’s home. When we step outside our homes, it’s about Nationality. The World is fast evolving and we cannot afford to take our country backwards by harping like old tape recorders. The approach and style of your governance was okay for that era but it surely can’t be used today and certainly not tomorrow. You should also realize just as LKY (Your Beloved Friend)put it that “we must understand that PAP will not rule forever”. In the same way, “we must understand that UMNO will not rule forever”. A 60 year old party makes her possibly the oldest party in first world countries to reign this long, UMNO has had a good run but Time changes everything and people do get tired and fedup of the same rule and the same old dogmas. We can already see that UMNO is holding on to “4Rs” for Refuge (Race, Religion, Royalty & Rural). Do you seriously think that the middle class, upper middle class & cream class of Malays are going to stand by this very old, tired & draconian UMNO? Surely Not.

Do you think MCA & MIC is going to do any much better this time around? So much for your racial card, let me remind you that many times You and Your Party Won due to the support of Non Malays especially in 1999. Yet you still hold on to the draconian racial card not realizing that you are deeply hurting and frustrating Non Malays. Are you aware of the statistics of Non Malays who have migrated since the 2008 General Election? It was 350,000 as of last year. Very Sad Dato’Seri, Very Sad and you surely know that this country cannot live without the Non Malays, This is an honest fact. Can Malaysia survive without The Malays? You know the answer too.

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