Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't Exploit Religion, Says Dr.Mahathir Mohamad

Don't exploit religion, says Mahathir

Dear Dato’Seri,

I’m sorry to let you know that the damage has already been done towards the Christians. I must point out that since your retirement, the attacks on Christians has worsen. Honestly, we cannot tolerate it anymore. Even Clear thinking Muslims can’t tolerate it anymore. We have been facing attacks one after the other.

Who is the Mastermind behind these attacks? UMNO-Utusan-Cohorts.

Who has been busy converting Christians? not even repecting their valid Civil Marriages? Please take a look at PERKIM’s records, How many Christians and non Muslims have been converted over the last 10 years?

Who has been fighting for bodies of the dead under the pretence that their loved one converted?

Who walked into St.Anthony’s Church & Participated In Holy Communion and then spat it out in front of the entire Congregation?

Who walked into our Missionary schools and felt the urge to demolish our Holy Statues & Crosses?

Who walked into our Catholic Bookstore runned by Nuns and picked up a physical fight and stole Indonesia Bibles from the Shop?

Who created this unbecoming story that we want a Christian PM?

Who persistently insist that The Church works with DAP and that DAP is The Church?

Who says that Christians want to convert Muslim youngsters?

Who says that Christians want to take over this country?

Who calls Christians Kafir?!

Who rejects us from building our Churches and then throw us into an Industrial Area?!

Who has failed in granting us new burial grounds so much so we cremate these days?!

I have learnt about Islam and I’ve done an Islamic paper in High School called ‘Tasawur Islam’ and i have personally done my own studies and had a learned man teach me. My parents didn’t feel threatened in anyway by my interest in Islam.

All the questions that i have asked about clearly shows you how ignorant your people can be when it comes to their religion and religious history. All they do it put on a head gear, abstain from Pork & Alcohol & Live a life of utter ignorance & fanatism based on family culture and not religion. They ain’t know their religion. For Example, Female Circumcision, No Part In The Holy Quran Mentions The Need For This, In short it is not Islam but draconian family culture. Are these people aware about the kind of relationship Prophet Muhammad had with The Church?

Are they aware about the Lord Of Judgement Day? Very Clearly Stated in The Holy Quran.
Are they aware that both religions are Abrahamic & Brothers of The Same One God?
Are they aware that Middle Easterns are laughing at their ignorance about Islam?

Dato’Seri, Your Religion Is So Beautiful and Directly Connected With Mine but the followers here are so blatantly unread which then results in them twisting religion with Politics, family culture and practices coupled with feudalism of the highest order!

When you, As PM visted The Archbishop’s Residence, I Sang a Solo To You; “The Shepherd Boy” and The Christmas Gospel was read in front of you. Did you feel the urge to Leave Islam? Did you feel threatened? Did your secretary of anyone from PM’s department have the cheek to write an official letter to the Archbishop to bring down all Christian Arts & Crosses for your arrival?!

Back in my parents’s time, Malays freely joined Christian Fellowships at Missionary Schools, they joined in the hymns and even the prayers but did they feel the urge to convert or to dislike Islam? My neighbour for many years was Aunty Azizah, whenever she heard me singing hymns at home, she would actually know the hymns better than me and sing along bcos she graduated at Convent Peel Road. She is still a Muslim today at 60.

I’m Sorry Dato’Seri, No Christian Support For BN this time. And when you look at the Christian Population, They are in every race and every clan and even form the majority in certain states.

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