Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UMNO Must Make Malays Stupid

Just see Muhyiddin's draconian mindset coupled with lies, manipulation & feudalism! What Has UMNO done for The Malays in the last 54 years?!

Only The Rich Malays have become Richer and the rest of the 90% programmed to remain stupid! And UMNO still has the gall to think that they can programme the minds of the Malays to jump in irrational fear of loosing their rights and religion!

They need to keep the Malays stupid and ignorant, Provide poor quality education and by all means keep them away from learning English. Only then can they breed a generation of imbeciles who will believe this low level rhetoric.

Unfortunately for UMNO, our Malay citizens are no longer stupid. Without a BN victory, the Malay super rich will no longer be able to rape the nation's coffers. But BN needs to go for the Malays to prosper. The non Malays have become strong. But the Malays themselves are weak financially with 3 quarters of the Malay population living with less than 1,500 ringgit a month.

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