Monday, November 21, 2011

Teacher slapped my son eight times, says woman

Now, just imagine the outrage & action taken if an Indian or Chinese Teacher did the same thing to a Malay Student!

JOHOR BARU: A mother is upset at a female teacher for allegedly slapping her 11-year-old son eight times, causing his spectacles to break.

S. Rukumani, 49, said she was disappointed with the attitude of the teacher. She hopes the state education department will investigate and take action against the teacher concerned. “My son, S. Sri Viknesh, was initially ac­­cused of marking his own report card and forging the principal’s signature.

“My husband and I, however, went to the school, spoke to the teacher and the principal and we had sorted out the matter,” she said at Taman Nesa here yesterday.

She added that her son did not commit the offence and that another student admitted to writing the marks on the card. “It seems the teacher had sought the help of two other students to fill in the report cards and these students made a mistake with my son’s card,” she said.

Rukumani said the next day, her son was confronted by the teacher and was forced to admit that he had tampered with his report card. “The teacher then slapped my son four times on the left cheek, four on the right, causing his glasses to break,” she said, adding that it was not an appropriate way to deal with the problem.

She said she brought her son to the Hospital Sultanah Aminah for treatment and lodged a police report on the matter as the slaps left red marks on her son’s cheeks. Johor Baru (North) deputy OCPD Supt Mohd Akhir Ishak confirmed the case and said investigations were ongoing.

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