Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Seksualiti Merdeka Controversy

I am a straight man and cannot see myself not being one for the foreseeable future. But why should I see gay men as a threat? Well, if gay men love each other, the genuinely straight men don’t have to face artificial competition in the love market. Neither would I see lesbians as a threat. I would definitely not want to fall in love with a pretty girl only to find her having a crush on another woman. That won’t do my male pride any good. Further, if I have a daughter, I definitely don’t want her to marry a “secretly” gay man and spend her life correcting him. If I have a gay son, I won’t want him ruining someone’s daughter’s life either. I would just want him to be happy. To me, in that sense, being gay-friendly is the best protection for the institutions of marriage and family, which I do subscribe to. -The Nutgraph

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