Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Malaysia Should Be Sacked From The Commonwealth!

What The Fuck Are Both Minister's Talking About?! How could you bring in Religion Into Civil Law?!!! We Practise Common Law and We are a Commonwealth Country. It's Time Malaysia Be Sacked from The Commonwealth!

Homosexuality goes against Islam, the religion of the federation of Malaysia, and its practise in the country is therefore unconstitutional, says Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz.

Nazri said he concurs with the views of fellow cabinet minister Jamil Khir, who said that although it concerns human rights, homosexuality is against Islam and therefore, unconstitutional.
Nevertheless, Nazri agreed that the matter needed proper explanation.

"According to Article 3 of the constitution, there is a general statement that says Islam is the religion of the federation.

"What it means is that even though certain acts are determined as within the rights of the constitution but are against Islam, they are inconsistent as far as Islam is concerned. So what Jamil Khir (right) said, I think he is right," Nazri added.

The de facto law minister explained that if a certain action was consistent with the constitution but went against Islam, then it would not be applicable in Malaysia. He was commenting on Jamil Khir's views on the matter as published in a Malay daily.

Nazri said this to reporters after he and several MPs distributed pamphlets on Violence on Women and Children at the Kuala Lumpur Sentral today. Among the BN backbenchers present were Idris Haron (Tangga Batu) and Nancy Shukri (Batang Sadong).

Also present were a number of Pakatan Rakyat MPs, including PKR vice-presidents Nurul Izzah Anwar (Lembah Pantai) and Tian Chua (Batu), Nasharuddin Md Isa (Bachok), Sim Tong Him (Kota Melaka) PSM's Sungai Siput MP Dr D Jeyakumar and DAP's Chong Eng (Bukit Mertajam). Nazri said when a law was drawn up in the country, the drafters would check its consistency with the constitution.

"After having checked that, they will have to check whether it is consistent with the Islamic faith.
Freedom of Assembly Bill. "If it is not consistent with Islam, it cannot be deemed to be allowed to be implemented in the country.

Asked about the proposed Freedom of Assembly Bill, Nazri said he would first leave it to the MPs to discover what it was ll about. "We have not gone through its first reading. To be fair to the MPs, they must be the first to have sight of the Bill."

"So, you just wait for the first reading. After that, we can reveal," he said. Asked whether there would be limitations in the Bill or whether the Bar Council was consulted, Nazri responded, "I don't know."

Asked whether the arrests made under the Internal Security Act in Sabah last week were inconsistent with reforms the government has promised to move, Nazri said the country had to "take swift action" in any fight against terrorism or terrorist activities.

"The first detention can be done (within 60 days, according to Act), but if you want to extend the second time, it must be taken to court." Last week, 13 people in Sabah, including foreigners, were detained under the ISA for suspected terrorist activities.


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