Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GSC apologises

Both the audience and Video Management of GSC have proven utmost immaturity, childishness and lack of exposure. This is an International Disgrace! Why does Sex still remain a taboo for many in this time and age?!

KUALA LUMPUR: Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) has apologised to patrons of the Latin American Film Festival which had explicit scenes that might have offended certain viewers.
This was in response to a disgruntled reader who had caught a movie at the fest from Oct 20-23 and wrote to the New Straits Times yesterday stating a Venezuelan movie, Aire Libre (Open Air) was highly 'inappropriate' as ithad sex scenes and full-frontalnudity.GSC, however, said the content of the movie was out of its control as it was supplied by therespective embassies participating in the fest.

It said it had followed set procedures by the Censorship Board, as the movies had been sent for a censorship preview.

Based on the feedback by the board, the censored scenes would be manually "blocked out" by the respective embassies."As for the role of the Censorship Board in this matter, it will not be able to 'cut' the films, but only advise on scenes considered offensive, and order the parties to censor them manually," it added.

The movie, which was brought in by the Venezuelan embassy, was given a PG-13 rating. The PG-13 rating is given to films that may contain scenes that are inappropriate for younger children.The reader, only known as A.R.G., from Kuala Lumpur, watched the movie at GSC Mid Valley and got a rude shock when the film included scenes of nudity and explicit sexual content.
The reader noted that the projectionist had realised the inappropriateness of this and apparently placed his hand over the projector to cover the screen (Utter Stupidity!).However, the patrons were left with the sounds of lovemaking, moans and sex talk.


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