Monday, October 3, 2011

Malay Leaders Imprison Malays

It's highly ridiculous if Malaysia holds different laws for different people. It would turn into an international embarrassment and mockery of the rule of law. Imprison

Yes, i am talking about the latest debate on Hudud Law favoure by PAS and Nik Aziz. I wonder if they running out of issues that they conveniently forget the history of Malaysia.

We are a member of the Commonwealth country, whether you like it or not, we were once ruled by the British and yes the British built the very basis and foundation of Malaysia.

We practise Common Law just as all Commonwealth countries and Europe. In a civilized society, all we need is Common Law, i do have my reservations about Syariah but i think that the Hudud would be a great catastrophe for a cosmopolitan country as ours. We simply cannot live in union if our Muslim friends are subjected to different laws from us, how chaotic is this?

During the years of Pre & Post Merdeka until the late 80s, Malays had much more freedom, liberation & independence to think for their own and to choose their own lifestyles but as days go by, many uneducated fools are trying to push the Malay race towards the wall in implementing a uniformed & narrow mentality not realizing that it has brought the Malays many steps behind coupled with 'mind programming' that often segregates them from non Malays, the world, education and exposure.

Malay leaders on both sides of the fence are to be blamed for this and they are the root cause of the shrinking the Malay brain! All in the favour of 'Divide & Rule' for the sake of survival of the fetus.

In a nut shell, Malay Leaders on both sides of the fence are the greatest liability to Malays and the major reason why Malays are locked up in a particular mindset that leaves them draconian, foolish, in many cases fanatical and less productive.

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