Thursday, October 20, 2011

IGP & PDRM Must Bloody Well Explain!

What The Fuck Is Going On Here?!!! Malaysia's Top Cop Must Give an Explanation & Apology! Stop The Aragonce & Discrimination Now!!!

KUALA LUMPUR: Police standard operating procedure (SOP) has come into the spotlight again, following claims by a Chinese national she was unjustly arrested during a raid last Saturday. Ming Daimei alleged her husband had to pay "middlemen" to secure her release.

Dang Wangi police could not be reached for comment. At Press time, Dang Wangi OCPD ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman had not responded to phone calls from The Malay Mail.

Relating her experience at a Press conference yesterday, Ming, 34, said she was having dinner with her Malaysian husband, Loh Thean Soo, 37, at a restaurant in Jalan Loke Yew close to a karaoke pub.

"At 11pm, my husband asked me to get a pack of cigarettes from our car parked beside the restaurant," she said.

She claimed plainclothes policemen were arresting people on the road.
"People were running about and screaming."

Afraid, Ming tried to run into an alley to hide but a man pushed her to the ground, injuring her right leg.

She said the man told her he was a police officer and dragged her into a white van. She and three other Chinese women were taken to the Dang Wangi police station.

Loh said that when Ming did not return, he was told where she had been taken by someone on the streets.

At the station, he found Ming bleeding profusely from cuts on her leg but police officers did not help clean her wounds or explain her arrest.

"I kept asking them to take my wife to the hospital but no one cared," he said. After two hours at the police station, Loh called a friend who was well-acquainted with the police for help.

Based on the friend's help, a police officer, identified as Sim, brought Ming to a hospital at 2am on Sunday, only to be told she had to wait three hours for treatment.

"We could not wait that long so we took her to a 24-hour private clinic in Jalan Pudu," said Loh.
"She had lost so much blood she was semi-conscious."

Loh said that after Ming was treated, she was taken back to a cell at Dang Wangi station and transported to the Bukit Jalil prison at 10.30am on Sunday. She called her husband on the way to inform him of her whereabouts.

Loh immediately went to the Bukit Jalil police station where he negotiated with his friend to get his wife released.

"The same friend that helped to get my wife to the hospital paid the police RM2,000 for her release," he alleged.

Ming was released at the same place she was arrested at 5pm on Sunday. The couple lodged a police report on Tuesday asking for an investigation into Ming's arrest.

Loh also said the police had taken Ming's passport and refused to give it back.

DAP Klang Legal Bureau chairman Eric Tan, who was at the Press conference, said he would forward the police report to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Omar Ismail.

Tan said the police did not follow procedures as stipulated under the criminal procedure code.
"It was a violent and unprofessional arrest," he said.

"The police were not in uniform, did not inform the suspect of the offence and ignored her injury."

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