Monday, July 11, 2011

PM Najib Razak has a compulsive habbit of lying

PM Najib Razak lied & convinced the world especially unexposed Malays that Dato' Ambiga defended Lina joy. In actual fact it was Dato' Dr. Cyrus Das. CLICK HERE

Utusan Malaysia are a bunch of bigots who never check their facts before reporting, as long as it can stir up racial sentiments and trigger racism in the hearts of uneducated and exposed Malays. The Middle Class, Upper Middle Class & Upper Class of Malays never buy this crap due to the fact that they are highly educated and exposed.

UMNO, PERKASA and fellow cohorts too have proven to be no less idiotic. Clearly their intention was to seek political mileage from the Malays by twisting facts in favour of Malays from a particular circle.

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