Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Muslim girl stoned to death in Ukraine

Thankyou God that HE spared me from not being born into this religion whereby i would be given no choice to choose my lifestyle and likes. To be programmed by religion,Worst still, not having the option to leave the religion but rather to strictly conform worst than the principles of Dictatorial Communism! In short, to have no independent stand of my own life and decisions.

Everyday around the world, including Malaysia, we see followers of Islam insulting their own religion by their verbal & physical acts of injustice, violation of privacy, civil liberties and human rights. Islam is a Beautiful Religion but highly tainted by many of her followers.

Some of the draconian inhibitions are;

(1) You can't use your brains to choose your lifestyle, you got to conform to one track thinking.

(2)You are required to be submissive to your husband while he fucks around and marries 3 others.

(3)You are forced to wear the head gear which has become rather rampant these days compare to in the years of post Merdeka (M'sia's Independence) until the 80s. Today it is expected of you to conform to the head gear failing of which you become an outcast.

(4)You are only of secondary importance in the eyes of Syariah.

(5)Worst still, you are made to circumcise eventho female circumcision is not a requirement in the Holy Quran, now they force female converts to do so!

(6)You have to remain loyal to your husband eventho he has 3 other wives!

(7)If you wish to leave the religion, you'll be mocked, cursed, pulled to court, threatened and in some countries you get stoned! Yet, you still can't leave the religion & they will perform Muslim Rites on you after stoning you (if they wish to give you burial rites)

(8)What even frustrates me more is when these so called Muslims expect non Muslims to conform to their benchmark of morality!

The inhibitions go way further than this list, So Thank God if you're born a Non Muslim! HE must have really Loved You So Much!

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