Monday, May 9, 2011

Paula Abdul Joins "The X Factor"

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Viewers who've missed the love-hate chemistry between Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell that sparked "American Idol" for eight seasons can look forward to the duo's reunion on "The X Factor" this fall.

Abdul will sit with Cowell as a judge for the U.S. debut season of "The X Factor," which, like the music competition show she left in 2009, will be on Fox Television.

"This show would never have been the same without Paula and I can't believe I am saying this -- I have missed her a lot, and I am thrilled she's on the show," Cowell said Sunday.

Cowell, who is a co-owner of the company producing the show, made the announcement at a Sunday news conference.

"I'm also delighted and grateful to be sitting next to Simon again," Abdul said. "But you might want to check back with me in a week or two."

Abdul, who is an Emmy Award-winning choreographer, also has had a successful career as a pop recording artist.

"The X Factor" is a hit British franchise that has been duplicated around the world, but only now making it to the United States.

Unlike "Idol," the show has no age limit, except for the minimum of 12 years, and it includes vocal groups as well as solo singers.

The big prize is a $5 million recording contract with Sony Music, which co-owns the show with Cowell.

Abdul's first day in the judge's chair will be May 26 when auditions are held in Dallas.

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