Monday, April 25, 2011

Education Department Of Terengganu lies about "Student Personality Development Programme"

FUCKING BULLSHIT LIARS !!! In which part of this programme did the Federal Education Ministry request the Terengganu Education Department to hold a boot camp for gays and transexuals? Stop lying and stop covering up because all your bigotry gets international pubicity and it puts Malaysia to shame! You have no bloody right to conduct such discriminatory camps!!!

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Student Personality Development Programme carried out by the Terengganu Education Department aims to boost the confidence of male students facing identity crisis.

State Education, Higher Education, Science, Technology and Human Resources Committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman said the department had taken a pro-active approach by implementing the programme involving 66 male students in Besut last week. (Pro Active? It's None of you fucking business in the first place! You call it Pro Active to disrespect a person's dignity and human rights? What A Fucking Swine Are You?!)

“This is an initiative we took in response to the Education Ministry's call for schools to emphasise four aspects of development physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual.

“We have taken an early step towards realising this by identifying male students who are not active in associations, uniformed bodies and sports to join the programme,” he said yesterday. He was commenting on reports about the psychological effect the camp would have on the students.

The reports quoted several psychologists as saying that they feared the camp would put pressure on the students involved.

Ahmad Razif said he was disappointed with the perception that the course was designed for effeminate students, which had resulted in the participants feeling uncomfortable while some were teased by their peers.

He urged those responsible to rectify it. "We only held a course to build student character. We held the first phase of the programme last week and we will expand it state-wide later. “We don't want students to excel in their studies alone, but also in sports and other co-curriculum activities,” he said. - Bernama

Are you trying to say that BBC lied about Your Department's Stupidity?

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