Thursday, March 17, 2011

UN Must Act On Gaddafi Now !

It'a time overdue for The United Nations To Show Her Worth especially in the Libyan Crisis. Gaddafi has to be brought down or Put Down!
(BBC) David Cameron has urged the UN to "show leadership" ahead of negotiations about whether to back a no-fly zone in Libya.

The UK, France and Lebanon are pressing for the move to stop air attacks on civilians as fighting intensifies.

The UK prime minister said a no-fly zone was not a "simple solution" to the Libyan crisis but one of a series of steps that was needed to "make sure we get rid of this regime".

China and Russia are among countries sceptical about a no-fly zone. Opposition leaders have appealed for international help in limiting Col Gaddafi's resources as his forces maintain their onslaught on rebel positions in the east of the country and as Saif Gaddafi, son of the Libyan leader, claimed the uprising "will be over in 48 hours".

Anti-Gaddafi forces have denied claims their opponents have taken Ajdabiya - the last town before their headquarters in Benghazi - following a ground assault on the town. 'Leading role' The UK is increasing the pressure for a no-fly zone over Libya by tabling the draft resolution at the UN Security Council. France, which along with Lebanon is also sponsoring the resolution, has said it is confident it will "achieve its objective".

Germany, Russia and China are said to be among those opposing such proposals, aimed at preventing air attacks on rebels by pro-Gaddafi forces, while there is increasing pressure on the US to state its position. The Arab League has backed the idea but a meeting of G8 foreign ministers in Paris failed to do so. Foreign Secretary William Hague suggested on Wednesday that if a new resolution was blocked, then the UK and others could use an existing doctrine to protect civilian life to justify military action. "It is on the table," he told MPs on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. Mr Hague accepted that the doctrine supporting intervention to protect civilian life - known as the "duty to protect" - was a legal "grey area" and a relatively new concept without much case law.

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