Thursday, March 10, 2011

UK Government accused of incompetence over Libya

I think the right word here is 'Slow', too slow in dealing with Gaddafi! You need to pull the bull by his horns!

(BBC) Prime Minister David Cameron has rejected criticism from Labour that the government's handling of the Libya crisis has been incompetent.

At PMQs on 9 March 2011, opposition leader Ed Miliband claimed there was an "issue of competence at the heart of this government".

He asked Mr Cameron who authorised the botched mission in Benghazi, in which six British troops and two diplomatic staff were detained by Libyan opposition forces.

Mr Miliband said that attempts to fly British nationals out of Libya had resulted in "fiasco", and criticised Foreign Secretary William Hague for "talk of Colonel Gaddafi heading to Venezuela when he wasn't".

He also described the prime minister's suggestion that the UK is planning for a no-fly zone over the country as "overblown".

Mr Cameron replied: "Let me say very clearly I take full responsibility for everything that my government does."

Accused by Mr Miliband of a "deafening silence" over his support for Mr Hague, the prime minister added: "I think we have an excellent foreign secretary."

"When it comes to the issue of this government's conduct, we have led the way in getting a tough UN resolution on Libya, we have led the way on getting Libya thrown out of the Human Rights Council and we have led the way in making sure the world is preparing for every eventuality including a no-fly zone," Mr Cameron concluded.

Labour backbencher David Winnick urged Mr Cameron to guarantee that no military action would be taken against Libya without "direct authorisation" from the United Nations Security Council.

The PM replied: "Everyone would want, if this does become necessary, the widest possible backing, and that is why we are currently drafting a UN Security Council resolution."

Gaddafi Forces Beat Up BBC Team!

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