Wednesday, March 30, 2011

William & Catherine To Travel English Countryside

Prior to their big day, Prince William and Kate Middleton will travel to northern England for what could be their last public appearance before they tie the knot, ABC reports. The Palace announced the couple's trip to the English countryside, where they’ll praise youth organizations for advocating social change. The Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, located in Darwen, Lancashire, looks forward to April 11 for the royal couple's visit. Not only will Prince William and Middleton formally open the academy, they’ll also meet with students and staff to celebrate the Aldridge Foundation’s achievements in encouraging social change, according to the academy’s website. FULL POST

Who cares about the cake – will someone tell us who’s designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, already? As the BBC explains, Middleton’s wedding day wear is of the utmost importance. You see, “as she steps out of her car and makes her way to Westminster Abbey in her final moments as Miss Kate Middleton on 29 April, millions of eyes will be on her gown,” the BBC reports. “Just as with any matrimonial ceremony, the dress will occupy a status within the event's hierarchy only just below that of bride herself.” (No pressure, or anything, person who is actually designing the dress.) FULL POST - CNN Entertainment.

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