Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Standard Chartered Bank Omits Shark's Fin

Some Buffoon On The Top Seeking Cheap Publicity!

Serving shark fin at any Standard Chartered Bank event has been banned under expanded guidelines for corporate functions. Find out why.

Being Here for good means taking a standReducing the consumption of unsustainable seafood is a global issue that many governments around the world are currently debating. Seventy three million sharks a year are killed for their fins primarily to make shark fin soup. Their populations have declined by 70 per cent over the past ten years. Shark fin comes from endangered species and involve unsustainable fishing practices. Eliminating this from the Bank’s corporate menu helps us maintain our Here for good brand promise and our support for biodiversity.
What’s changing?To support sustainable seafood consumption.

This includes a ban on shark fin at:
Corporate events and banquets
Client entertainment arranged by the Bank
Business meals arranged by the Bank
Staff functions

The guidelines do not include:
Credit card promotion offers for dining in partner restaurants
Attending client events where unsustainable seafood may be served
Conducting business with clients or customers who may buy or sell unsustainable seafood