Thursday, February 17, 2011

M'sia's Moral Policing Disregards Civil Liberties

In This Time & Age & In A Civilized Country, I Say Nik Aziz's Move Is Absolute Bullshit & Tresspass of Civil Liberties and Human Rights! And we have many government politicians who share in such idiotism! Their focus is on worrying about people having sex outside marriage and they actually believe that it's their business of public office!

KOTA BARU: Leaders of all religious faiths in Kelantan will be asked to meet and come up with a common stand against sinful acts, said Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. He said the gathering would be held soon so the religious leaders could discuss problems related to sex outside marriage, gambling, baby-dumping, Mat Rempit, snatch thefts, corruption and others. “The intention is to get a common stand from leaders of different faiths that such sinful acts are abhorred and that followers should refrain from committing them.” (Bullshit! It's all about the Sex outside marriage!)

“All these leaders will come up with a joint statement. It will be an attestation from all religions that it is not only Islam which prohibits such acts but other faiths too,” he told reporters after launching a scheme called Azziwaaj Gateway which would provide RM1,000 to poor couples who lacked funds to get married.

Nik Abdul Aziz, who is also PAS spiritual adviser, said the meeting was part of a move to educate the people of Kelantan to fear Allah and not enforcement officers who were tasked with carrying out laws drafted by the authorities. (excuse me? It's a norm among many non muslims to co-habit before marrying and it's absolutely a personal choice and right! Stop placing everyone under one umbrella of your culture!)

“We want to educate the Ke­­lantanese based on Allah’s laws and not by the secular system.”
Citing an example, he said the Azziwaaj Gateway (Arabic for gateway to marriage) was outlined in the PAS manifesto in the last general election. It called for male Muslims to court women in a halal manner and not commit fornication or flirt with women before marrying them.