Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Islamisation & Bigots In Malaysia

Very Well Said! Malaysia is seeing a rise of Islamisation and Bigots in the country!

PETALING JAYA: Leaders who express unproductive or destructive remarks to the detriment of the people are “the real enemies of the state”, MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu said. He hit out at those who linked Valentine’s Day with immoral and undesirable activities.

“Demonising Valentine’s Day is an act of religious bigotry and only the ignorant would associate the day with immoral and unpleasant activities,” he said in a statement.

Gan, who is Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, said certain groups were under the false impression that Valentine’s Day was a celebration of some religious groups.

“Valentine’s Day, an occasion traditionally observed by certain quarters to foster love, has been hijacked by certain bigots to spread lies and hatred.

“It is important for leaders to be more inclusive,” he said, adding that destructive remarks would only serve to divide Malaysians.

Gan called on leaders to have a better understanding about other religions and cultures. “Unity in diversity has been an important cornerstone in our country’s development since Inde­pendence. Don’t destroy it,” he stressed. -The Star